Govt. College Library have a larg collection of 40709 book on various topics of interest too both the faculty and student community. The library is functioning as a knowledge hub of the college. The library will be kept open from morning 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM in the evening in all working days. Both the faculty and students have the privileges to borrow books from the library. Efforts are made to computerize library functions and developing it has a learning resource center of the college. The library collections consist of good number of reference materials and textbooks for the need of the student community. The library is subscribing good number of Newspapers and popular magazines. Which are highly useful for faculty and students to engage in research and cultivate research skills. Every day on average students  visits college library.

Library Advisory Committee consisting of following members

Student member-

LAC mainly plays an important role in collection development.  We at our college meet  and make decision through LAC for purchasing library materials precisely books and journals for the library.

                        College library is fully auto mated. College library is using software for university libraries (SOUL) is integrated library management software designed and developed by The INFUBNET Center. College has purchased full Edition of SOUL. Software is upgraded annual maintenance conract. Separate reading room are available for boy and girl students.